Lindy Johnson, CNM


Lindy Johnson, CNM

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Care-Focused Obstetrics Service in Berkeley, CA

Pregnancy is a breathtakingly wonderful experience and an unmatched challenge rolled into one. When you’re expecting, you need the best quality care possible — and that doesn’t stop at the due date. Lindy Johnson, CNM, is your partner for qualified obstetrics service in Berkeley, CA.

Centering compassion and long-term wellness in her approach, Lindy works with patients to meet needs like:

  • Understanding Prenatal Care
  • Delivering Safely
  • Maintaining Healthy Support

Whether it’s a problem-free experience or a potentially complicated pregnancy, you’ll have the assistance you require and the personal touch you deserve.

Welcoming All Mothers

Lindy’s background and training make her a perfect choice for anyone in need of obstetrics. She has worked with first-time mothers, women interested in vaginal birth after cesarean, and a diverse range of others throughout her career. Each patient is different, but all of them have the same goal: a healthy, joy-filled birth.

Skilled in midwifery and postnatal care, Lindy supports you through the entire spectrum of emotions, wellness needs, and potential challenges that come with pregnancy. With empathy and individualized support as her key principles, she provides care that puts parents and their children first. Learn more about prenatal, delivery, and postnatal obstetrics by contacting Lindy today.