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Hospital Birth in Berkeley, CA

The goal of midwifery care is a safe and joyful birth with no routine medical interventions, and hospital birth in Berkeley, CA, will grant that care for you.

The arrival of your newest addition is a time for excitement, nervousness, and in some cases, worry. Lindy’s emotional intelligence and practical skills will ensure you always feel supported and safe. You can ask her any questions or express concerns, and you will always find a caring and understanding presence to provide the answers you need. Midwifery is a profoundly fulfilling occupation, and it is only to the credit of the strong mothers, supportive fathers, and wide-eyed babies that this is possible. When you talk to Lindy about your upcoming arrival, she will go over the details of her obstetrics service and put your mind at ease.

Lindy takes the time to get to know each mother and family, so she is better able to establish a birthing process. Ensuring everyone in the room is comfortable and feels secure is vitally important to the delivery. Lindy’s obstetrics service is always a welcome addition to any birth. The women who have experienced Lindy’s calming and knowledgeable assistance are thrilled with the coaching she provided, and they highly recommend her to any mother. For more information on other women’s experiences with Lindy and their birthing process, take a moment to read through some touching testimonials about her obstetrics service.

Cia G. Oakland and Baby

Cia G, Oakland

“Our experience with Lindy was nothing short of amazing. She took care of me and my family both physically and emotionally, guiding us through this crazy and wonderful time with calming wisdom and guidance. With Lindy we found a care provider who wasn’t just concerned with the birth, but with getting to know us.

Our appointments were never rushed and no question was ever too silly to ask. We were able to have the birth we hoped for–naturally and in the safety of the hospital, surrounded by loving family and people we trusted.”

Anna O. Berkeley Holding Baby

Anna O, Berkeley

“My husband and I switched to Lindy from an O.B. when I was five months pregnant, and we were so glad we did. With Lindy, we knew we had the best of both worlds: the personal, holistic approach of a midwife and the safety of a hospital birth. The first time I called Lindy it was a Sunday so I assumed I would leave a message at her office, but Lindy picked up the phone right away. She was immediately warm, comforting, and practical.

The fact that Lindy answered the phone that morning is really representative of the experience of working with her: she is there when you need her. It’s such a simple thing, but in the current impersonal climate of prenatal care, it feels very rare. And when you’re pregnant with your first baby, totally overwhelmed and sometimes downright scared, having a practitioner who you can call, and who even answers her own phone, is worth everything.

Throughout the rest of the pregnancy, we enjoyed our visits with Lindy. She was warm, open to our questions, and so nurturing. I remember feeling like finally I had someone who was taking care my husband and me — not just our baby. Lindy takes her time, and checkups at her homey office were sometimes as long as an hour. 

Two weeks past my due-date, my amniotic fluid measured too low, potentially putting the baby at risk. Lindy explained the situation, and why she recommended inducing labor. And this was the moment when it was absolutely clear how important it was that Lindy was our midwife. Although we had hoped for a totally natural birth, we trusted Lindy and had total faith in her. That confidence made it easy to accept the induction and move forward with the birth.

During labor, I could focus completely on the work I had to do because I knew that my baby and I were safe in Lindy’s capable hands. And Lindy was a wonderful birth coach, calmly guiding me though two hours of pushing until our son was born, healthy and strong.

We’re so happy we had Lindy as our midwife, and cannot recommend her strongly enough.”

Trusted Midwifery Service in Berkeley, CA

Rachel S, Albany

“I had the most positive experience with Lindy Johnson. Lindy is incredibly calm, perceptive, knowledgeable and experienced. Two weeks after giving birth, my husband and I can’t stop talking about how amazing she was. First, no matter how odd or silly you might think your questions are, Lindy is always there to answer them. Her office visits were invaluable. (And what a gift to develop a relationship with the person who’s going to help you birth your baby!)

During my 10 days of “prodromal labor” before going into actual labor, Lindy patiently took my phone calls to talk me through the contractions. The night the contractions came for real, my husband called Lindy. Twenty minutes later, she was waiting — calm and ready — for us at Alta Bates. The two nurses who helped in the delivery room also clearly respected Lindy.

Lindy was such a grounded, steady coach when I got to Labor and Delivery, and everything quickly progressed (I birthed my baby about one hour after arriving.) Even when I hit a wall of fear (because I didn’t want to tear), Lindy picked up on this and talked me through my apprehension (and thanks to Lindy, I did not tear and was quickly up on my feet, walking around).

I want to add how supportive Lindy is with fathers: including their role in the birth, and as new dads. My husband had wanted to “catch” our baby — and Lindy made this possible. She also encouraged him to have a very proactive role post-birth.

We feel so lucky to have had the support of Lindy.”

Reliable Hospital Birth in Berkeley, CA

Rachel P, Piedmont

“I highly recommend Lindy if you are looking for that “best of both worlds” experience of a hospital birth with a midwife. We moved from England when I was six months pregnant and were slightly nervous about what we’d read on the high rate of C sections in hospitals in the States and how the whole birthing process had become so medicalised. Finding Lindy was a god send. We were able to replicate what we would have had in the UK – a midwife delivering our baby in a hospital but the bonus was that we had Lindy for all our pre-natal visits AND for the birth. In a busy London hospital we wouldn’t have had that!

Lindy ‘got’ my character straight away and seemed to instinctively know what buttons to press to get me through the birth process in the best possible way. I wanted a natural birth but nearly buckled early on when it all seemed too much. Lindy, always gave me the options for intervention but also suggested other techniques to try before opting for drugs or an epidural. Before I knew it I’d done it all on my own (well with Lindy, the amazing nurses and my husband!). I can’t thank her enough for this.

Lindy’s care didn’t just stop after the birth of our beautiful daughter. She was there to support me when I faced breastfeeding challenges in those first six weeks. It was wonderful to know she was there at the end of the phone – especially as my family were all so far away. She certainly went above and beyond just delivering our baby.”