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Lindy Johnson, CNM is excited to share her office with her patients at 3010 Colby Street, Suite 210 (across the street from Alta Bates Hospital). Please call Lindy at (510) 644-0104.

Certified Nurse-Midwife in Berkeley, CA

Lindy Johnson, CNM, is a private practice midwife providing personalized and comprehensive midwifery care. Born at Alta Bates and a Bay Area native, Lindy is a certified nurse-midwife in Berkeley, CA, and passionate about serving the women of the Bay Area. She blends the art and science of midwifery service so her clients can enjoy a safe, joyful birth and a happy transition to new parenthood.

Why You Should Use a Midwife

Whether this will be your first child or your fifth, pregnancy and childbirth can be complicated and exhausting. As an experienced midwife, Lindy’s goal is to make the experience as healthy and joyous for you and your family as possible. Plus, she gives you greater control over your labor and delivery.

Midwifery care involves getting to know you, your partner, and your plans for the birth. Lindy will be with you every step of the way, including before, during, and after delivery. She understands that it can be overwhelming to get passed between a dozen different doctors and nurses, including many you never met before going into labor. With midwifery care, you’ll have a calmer and more controlled experience.

Reliable Midwifery Service in Berkeley, CA

Find Out If You Are a Good Candidate

Do you have a low-risk pregnancy and no serious health problems? If so, you’re likely a great candidate for midwifery care.

Studies show that using a midwife is just as safe as using a doctor, especially when you choose a certified nurse-midwife like Lindy. In fact, research indicates moms with midwives have increased access to prenatal care, lower rates of caesarian births and obstetric interviews, and babies with higher birth weights. Find out whether using a midwife is the right decision for you by contacting Lindy today.

When You Are Considering a Hospital Birth

Over the last few decades, hospital births have become the norm, but before the mid-20th century, women typically gave birth at home. While a home birth can help a new mom feel more comfortable, sometimes their choice is to have their baby in a medical environment, especially if their medical team anticipates complications.

No matter what your chosen location, Lindy will be right by your side. She understands that a good birth is one where the mom feels most at ease. Regardless of whether it is in your bedroom or a hospital room, you can count on her for support, guidance, and understanding.

Hospital births offer comprehensive medical care that cannot be duplicated in the home. The priority for new mothers is the safety of their child, and if there is any question of the baby’s welfare during birth, a hospital is a good choice.

If you are unsure which type of birth is best for you, speak to Lindy. As an obstetrical expert, she can provide the information needed to determine the best location to have your child.

No matter where your baby makes its entrance into the world, his or her arrival will fill your heart more than you could have imagined.

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