“I highly recommend Lindy if you are looking for that “best of both worlds” experience of a hospital birth with a midwife. We moved from England when I was six months pregnant and were slightly nervous about what we’d read on the high rate of C sections in hospitals in the States and how the whole birthing process had become so medicalised. Finding Lindy was a god send. We were able to replicate what we would have had in the UK – a midwife delivering our baby in a hospital but the bonus was that we had Lindy for all our pre-natal visits AND for the birth. In a busy London hospital we wouldn’t have had that!

Lindy ‘got’ my character straight away and seemed to instinctively know what buttons to press to get me through the birth process in the best possible way. I wanted a natural birth but nearly buckled early on when it all seemed too much. Lindy, always gave me the options for intervention but also suggested other techniques to try before opting for drugs or an epidural. Before I knew it I’d done it all on my own (well with Lindy, the amazing nurses and my husband!). I can’t thank her enough for this.

Lindy’s care didn’t just stop after the birth of our beautiful daughter. She was there to support me when I faced breastfeeding challenges in those first six weeks. It was wonderful to know she was there at the end of the phone – especially as my family were all so far away. She certainly went above and beyond just delivering our baby.”

– Rachel P