“I had the most positive experience with Lindy Johnson. Lindy is incredibly calm, perceptive, knowledgeable and experienced. Two weeks after giving birth, my husband and I can’t stop talking about how amazing she was. First, no matter how odd or silly you might think your questions are, Lindy is always there to answer them. Her office visits were invaluable. (And what a gift to develop a relationship with the person who’s going to help you birth your baby!)

During my 10 days of “promrodral labor” before going into actual labor, Lindy patiently took my phone calls to talk me through the contractions. The night the contractions came for real, my husband called Lindy. Twenty minutes later, she was waiting — calm and ready — for us at Alta Bates.  The two nurses who helped in the delivery room also clearly respected Lindy. 

Lindy was such a grounded, steady coach when I got to Labor and Delivery, and everything quickly progressed (I birthed my baby about one hour after arriving.) Even when I hit a wall of fear (because I didn’t want to tear), Lindy picked up on this and talked me through my apprehension (and thanks to Lindy, I did not tear and was quickly up on my feet, walking around). 

I want to add how supportive Lindy is with fathers: including their role in the birth, and as new dads. My husband had wanted to “catch” our baby — and Lindy made this possible. She also encouraged him to have a very proactive role post-birth.

We feel so lucky to have had the support of Lindy.”

– Rachel S