“My husband and I switched to Lindy from an O.B. when I was five months pregnant, and we were so glad we did. With Lindy, we knew we had the best of both worlds: the personal, holistic approach of a midwife and the safety of a hospital birth. The first time I called Lindy it was a Sunday so I assumed I would leave a message at her office, but Lindy picked up the phone right away. She was immediately warm, comforting, and practical.

The fact that Lindy answered the phone that morning is really representative of the experience of working with her: she is there when you need her. It’s such a simple thing, but in the current impersonal climate of prenatal care, it feels very rare. And when you’re pregnant with your first baby, totally overwhelmed and sometimes downright scared, having a practitioner who you can call, and who even answers her own phone, is worth everything.

Throughout the rest of the pregnancy, we enjoyed our visits with Lindy. She was warm, open to our questions, and so nurturing. I remember feeling like finally I had someone who was taking care my husband and me — not just our baby. Lindy takes her time, and checkups at her homey office were sometimes as long as an hour. 

Two weeks past my due-date, my amniotic fluid measured too low, potentially putting the baby at risk. Lindy explained the situation, and why she recommended inducing labor. And this was the moment when it was absolutely clear how important it was that Lindy was our midwife. Although we had hoped for a totally natural birth, we trusted Lindy and had total faith in her. That confidence made it easy to accept the induction and move forward with the birth.

During labor, I could focus completely on the work I had to do because I knew that my baby and I were safe in Lindy’s capable hands. And Lindy was a wonderful birth coach, calmly guiding me though two hours of pushing until our son was born, healthy and strong.

We’re so happy we had Lindy as our midwife, and cannot recommend her strongly enough.”

– Anna O